Rottingdean Village Football Club


Club Constitution 2019/2020


Rule 1 Title


(A)       This group of teams formed for the purpose of playing association football shall be called Rottingdean Village Football Club. Each team will be affiliated to the Sussex County Football Association Ltd.


(B)       On Saturdays the club will be represented by Rottingdean Village first team.


(C)     On Sundays the club will be represented by Preston Dynamos (Rottingdean) and Rottingdean Village Youth.


(D)        The U23's will usually play midweek


Rule 2 Management


(A)       The executive committee will comprise of the chair person, general secretary and treasurer and will be responsible for all the affairs of the club.


(B)       The management committee will be comprised of the club officers:

1) Chairperson 2) General Secretary 3) Youth Secreatary 4) Treasuer. This committee will also include 5) Minutes Secretary 6) Welfare Officer 7) Youth Head Coach 8) Adult Head Coach. This committee will be concerned with playing matters, fund raising, social events and any other relevant business. It shall meet as and when required.


(C)       An annual general meeting will be held in the summer of each year when all members will be asked to attend. Nominations for any officerís post must be made in writing to the group chair not later than seven days before the date of this meeting.


(D)       (a) A resolution to dissolve the Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three-quarters of the members present.

            (b) The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution and the members of the Club Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the Club.

            (c) Any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the Club shall be transferred to another Club, a Competition, the Parent County Association or the FA for use by them for related community sports.






Rule 3 Finance


(A)       The financial year will run from the 1st June to 31st May the next year. The accounts will be audited annually and presented at the annual general meeting.


(B)    All adult male teams will pay a match fee in accordance with the fees tariff. If any team obtains sponsorship the fees can be reduced accordingly.


(C)       All teams paying match fees must pay their fees before the match. All substitutes will be expected to reimburse the player they replace with a percentage of that fee. Any player not paying their match fee will not be allowed to play.


(D)       All youth members will pay an annual subscription which must be paid before the Season starts. Members will not be allowed to play in matches if the subscription is not paid.


(E)        The parents or guardians of youth members (under 16) will become non-playing members of the club once the annual subscription has been paid.


Rule 4 Playing Matters


(A)       All playerís youth and adult must sign league registration forms each season and produce two recent photographs before they play in any league matches.


(B)       All new members must confirm they have read the club constitution and code of conduct on our website These documents must be adhered to at all times.


(C)       Team selection will be the responsibility of team managers. Only registered players must be selected for league matches as per rule 4A.


(D)       All selected players and substitutes must be at the ground one hour before kick off.


(E)        All playing members and club officials will conform to the rules of their relevant league.


(F)        All playing members and club officials will be expected to conform to procedures and requests by league officials at any league or cup match.


(G)       All playing members and club officials are expected to be courteous to match officials, opposing players and spectators before, during and after the match and conform to the laws of the game. Any persistent misconduct will be severely dealt with by the disciplinary committee.


(H)       All players receiving cautions (yellow card) from the referee must be paid within 21 days of that caution being received from the SCFA Ltd. All players being sent off from the field of play (red card) by the referee and subsequently banned, must pay the fine incurred within the suspension period. Failure to do so will result in the player being banned until payment has been received.

Rule 5 Grievances and Discipline


(A)       Any member can place a grievance with any officer or team manager, with a view to finding a satisfactory solution. If this is not possible then rule 5B will be applied.


(B)       Any breach of group rules or code of conduct will be dealt with by the disciplinary committee. This committee will consist of a minimum of two executive committee members, from which a chairperson is selected and a maximum of two team managers. All of whom should not have had any involvement prior to the hearing. The member or members charged will be called to the meeting to give evidence on their behalf. The decision of this committee will be final.


Rule 6 General


(A)       The club follows the Football Associationís safeguarding children policy, procedures and practices. A club welfare officer and assistants are appointed and will attend the Football Associationís safeguarding children and welfare officer workshop. All Coaches in close contact with children must be CRB checked by our Welfare officer. 


(B)       The club operates an anti-discrimination and equal opportunities policy.


(C)       The club is covered by public liability insurance.


(D)       Any amendments to the constitution or the code of conduct must be submitted in writing to the general secretary of the club by the 1st June.


(E)        All members will be expected to support club functions and fund raising events organised by the club.


(F)        All kit and equipment remains the property of the club.


(G)       The executive committee will decide on any matters not covered by this constitution or the code of conduct.             





Rule               Subject                                                              Amount £


3C                   Adult Match Fee (with training facilities)                11


3C                   Adult Match Fee (without training facilities)           09


3D                   Annual Subscription (under 6)                                 


3D                   Annual Subscription (mini soccer 5v5 and 7v7)      110


3D                   Annual Subscription (9v9 and 11v11)                      125


Please note a reduction will be given under 3D of £10

For a second child and £20 for a third child

Please Note! - Refunds of Anual Subscriptions will be considered only in extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the management committee



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